About Me

Hi, I am Saurin Makim. I am the proud father of two teen-aged kids, a lucky husband, and the founder of Baystate Wealth Advisors.

My previous career was in software development and Technical Project management at a few  Fortune 500 companies in Chicago and Boston. I had a strong desire to pursue a career in personal finance after working for few years at my first corporate job at Motorola Solutions at the turn of the century. I became fascinated with nuances of 401k, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA etc. and helping friends and family out with financial literacy and investment management. But during that time true financial planning was not common. Aggressive product sales were the norm and was called financial planning. And I wanted no part of that. Recent technology advances and industry support for comprehensive financial planning services and consumer awareness of benefits of fee only advisors make it viable to run an independent, fee-only financial planning practice. It was time to launch Baystate Wealth Advisors, LLC.

I would genuinely love to connect with you and learn about your story, your struggles and wins even if we don’t end up working together. I value human relationships and trust above anything else in the world. I am a people person first and then a numbers person. And I cherish long lasting relationships as they grow sweeter over time.

I combine strong project management and organization skills and a keen interest in all things financial to deliver desired outcomes for you and your family, increasing the likelihood of achieving your life goals. I work hard behind the scenes to help you understand your financial situation, think through your goals and earn your trust every single day. I have mixed the science and art of financial planning/ investment management. My goal is to help you get organized, accountable, educated, and comfortable with your finances so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

Having achieved financial independence personally, I understand firsthand how liberating it is to pursue your lifelong goals and want to help others achieve the same. I will be your greatest cheerleader, friendly advisor and confidante as we embark together on the journey of finding financial freedom and independence for you and your family.

In a world where you can choose to be anything, choose to be kind.

About Baystate Wealth Advisors

Baystate Wealth Advisors LLC is a fee only financial planning firm based in Boston, MA dedicated to creating better financial outcomes and enriching lives for busy healthcare and technology professionals and their families. We aim to deliver best results for you, not shareholders or private equity holders. And we don’t toe any company line.

We collaborate to meet your financial and life goals on your terms. We incorporate life planning methods to understand and connect with you on a very deep level to understand who you truly are and what you desire and what you want your legacy to be. We will meet with you where you are. You will find us very easy to work with. We are super organized, detail oriented and supportive of your life goals. And we love simplicity, focusing on the big picture and taking one step at a time to achieve a fulfilling life.

Our investing practice is rooted in Mordern Portfolio Theory. We choose investments to minimize costs while providing proper diversification. We help fast track retirement and generate passive income in a tax efficient manner.

We aim to be your Guiding Advocate, a Strategic Partner and your Trusted Advisor.

Plan for Tomorrow. Live for Today.