Comprehensive Financial Plan

Basic Elements Financial Plan

This program is designed for professionals who want a quick review of their financial situation to see if they have their basics covered and are on a correct path of financial progress to live a life of their dreams. They are ideal for individuals or couples who are just starting their careers or anyone who wants get a high level overview of their financial house and get a second opinion.

Plan includes:

  • Review of existing insurance coverage or needs so that your loved are protected. (Auto/Home/Umbrella)
  • Cash Flow, Spending and Budget Analysis to make sure long-term goals and objectives can be achieved.
  • Review of any existing Portfolio or workplace retirement plan.

Fixed Fees: $800*

(*Based on normal complexity. Exact fees will be quoted before start of any work. Fees paid in arrears upon completion)

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Integrates all aspects of your financial life to provide you with true wealth management that is personalized to your needs. Builds on top of Basic Elements Plan to incorporate other areas as well like tax planning, asset allocation, investment research, and estate planning in developing a holistic plan that focuses on the potential for accumulation as well as preservation. If you need Investment management as well along with the plan, that is a separate service with an additional fee.

Tax strategies may include deduction planning, investment tax planning, year-end strategies such as income deferral.

  • Investment research focuses on investment risk and risk/return trade-off.
  • Estate planning may involve smooth transition and wealth transfer as per your wishes while attempting to minimize potential taxes.

We will follow a three-step process to create a comprehensive financial plan that aligns your finances with your values.

First, we will understand what money means to you and how it fits into your life. and then we will organize your finances, so you have a clear picture of where you currently stand right now.

Next, we will talk about your financial and life goals. What are your short, medium, and long-term goals? What are your dreams? We will work together to clarify your goals so that they are crystal clear and tangible. For this, we want to understand and connect with you in a deep and meaningful way.

Finally, we will create actionable steps to get you on a path towards financial independence, whatever that means to you.

Client Centered

This process is not something we do once and set aside on a bookshelf. Like physical fitness, financial fitness needs constant attention throughout your professional career and beyond. But don’t worry, we will be there every step of the way to guide you and to make sure your money is working hard for you.

Fixed Fees: $3000** Annually

(**Based on normal complexity. Exact fees will be quoted before start of any work. Fees paid quarterly in arrears upon completion.)

Ongoing Financial Planning Service (Monthly Subscription)

Ongoing Financial Planning Service (Monthly Subscription)

This is proactive planning of all the financial aspects for your family. Covers all the following areas.

Ongoing Fees: $150*** Monthly

(***Based on normal complexity. Exact monthly fees will be quoted before start of any work. Fees paid monthly in arrears. A yearly service calendar will be developed based on particular client situation)

Hourly/Project based Financial Planning Services

These services are ideal for those who need advice for a specific topic only and are not interested in full scale financial planning or Investment management options. (e.g., a Roth IRA contribution, education funding or equity compensation related question)

Risk Management

We can review your other risks, such as life / disability / long-term care coverage in an effort to help ensure you have adequate asset risk management strategies in place so the unexpected does not put your future in a jeopardy.

Qualified Retirement Plans Review

We can review and compare several retirement plan structures to determine which may be appropriate for you and your employees. Should you need an executive deferral plan, we can help. Our advice could even be helpful to you in managing your Individual retirement accounts (IRAs), as well as personal investments.

We can review your existing portfolio and make recommendations if there are any specific risks to your goals and objectives. For e.g., if you have a very high concentration risk to any one sector/company.

The above-mentioned services are not exhaustive. Please contact us to discuss any particular question you have.

Hourly Fees: $250**** per hour

(****Negotiable. Exact hourly fees or total fees for the project will be quoted before start of any work. Fees paid monthly upon completion.)

Pricing Examples

Example 1:

  • A client wants a Basic Elements Financial Plan that includes planning on the 3 most important elements of their overall financial picture. Total fees would be $800*.

Example 2:

  • A client wants Comprehensive Financial Plan that includes financial planning on topics like educational funding, risk management, retirement, work benefits, estate, disability planning, business, tax optimization etc. Total fees would be $3000* and is negotiable.
    (*Based on normal complexity and needs)

Example 3:

  • A client wants an ongoing planning service to monitor all aspects of their family’s full financial picture. Total fees would be $150** dollars per month billed in arrears.
    (*Based on normal complexity and needs)

Example 4:

  • A client has a question about Backdoor Roth IRA contribution or a quick Portfolio review which needs a couple of hours of Advisor time. Total fees will be $500 dollars***.
    (***$250 per hr. rate *2hrs., billed at the end of the month in arrears. Total fees will be agreed upon before start of any work).

Example 5:

  • A client has a question about buying or selling a practice or a business which involves more than a couple of hours of work and involves looking into various aspects of the business. Total fees for the project will be quoted and agreed upon before the start of any work.

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