Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work with you if I don't live anywhere near you?

Absolutely! We can work together as long as you have internet connectivity and reside anywhere in the world. For clients who reside outside of United States, we can agree to work on a mutually agreed time that works for both of us.

Do you earn any referral fees or commissions?

No! We consider those avoidable conflicts of interest.

Do I need a certain amount of money to work with you?

Nope! You need not meet a minimum income or financial net worth. We meet clients where they are and help them grow.

Do I have to continue to pay you after our initial planning engagement?

No way! If you feel you've gotten what you need from our initial engagement, go forth and prosper. Of course, our hope is that you'll get a ton of value from our ongoing relationship.

Would you require me to move money to you to manage?

For Investment management service, we use Altruist as a custodian which offers one of the smoothest custodial experiences and hence it would be required to move the money to Altruist. Also, if someone has multiple accounts at different places, it helps to consolidate them for a better Investment management perspective. However, there are exceptions to above rule and reach out to us if you have any reservations for some reasons like unrealized losses, familiarity with a particular custodian etc.

How will you manage my Investment Accounts?

There are 3 different options as described below.

Discretionary Investment Management 

You authorize us to investigate, purchase and sell on your behalf various securities and investments without consulting you on each sale or purchase.

Non-Discretionary Investment Management

You authorize us to execute purchases and sales of securities only after securing permission from you regarding each transaction.

Non-Discretionary, Non-Trading Management

We neither have discretionary nor do we have trading authority. It will be up to you to implement transactions.

What happens if I need to cancel?

I will stop work and review what I've completed with you. You'll only be charged for the work completed.

What happens if financial plan takes longer than the initial estimate?

I will reach out to you before exceeding the higher end of the cost range. We'll amend our client agreement to either increase the cost estimate or limit the scope.

Will you work with me on just one topic, such as investments?

Even though all elements of a financial plan work together in concert, we can work on a single topic that you most need help with at present. Investment management is a core strength of our firm.

Do you require financial plan implementation through you?

Not at all! If you already have a solid relationship with a professional (CPA, insurance agent, attorney, etc.) please continue working with them.