Financial Advisors for Doctors & Medical Professionals

Being in the healthcare industry, you are probably juggling quite a few things. You love your job, make a decent living but work/life balance is brutal. You may also have a lot of student loan debt and wonder if it is worth paying off early or invest the extra payment earmarked towards faster debt payoff. You struggle to keep up family commitments, kids activities and work schedules (or start a family). You may also have questions about your current financial well-being and wonder if you are on track for retirement or may have questions about how to generate passive income. You may also need some help with understanding your workplace benefits or managing your overall finances. Time is scarce on your hands.

Let me help you with all the above. I have seen the struggles of healthcare professionals from very close quarters as my wife is a current practicing Radiologist at one of the local Boston hospitals. I am intricately familiar with the various pressures that current healthcare professionals face from a financial and work standpoint. Together we will deconstruct your finances and I will guide you constructing a financial plan to allocate your current and future assets so that you may fulfill all of your lifelong goals and your hard work is rewarded appropriately.

How much does financial planning cost for me?

Financial planning is billed as a one time fee that can be paid quarterly in 4 equal installments and is based on complexity. These fees are determined by the individual situation. Some client archetypes for illustration purposes are described below. Exact fees will depend on the situation. Please contact us to learn more.

Student Loan Considerations