Investment Management

We strive to minimize your investment expenses to as low as possible, so you keep more money in your pocket. We believe in long term, passive and diversified investment management aligned with your goals and objectives. We focus on factors we can control like global diversification, proper asset allocation, asset location, tax minimization and “time in the market” as opposed to “timing the market”. We avoid chasing performance and know how to manage our emotions on a day-to-day basis. In short, we let the markets work for you.


Single rate fee meaning that a single rate is charged based on the highest (most favorable) assets under management(“AUM”) tranche that the client’s aggregate accounts qualify for in accordance with the fee schedule. Fees are negotiable and final fee schedule will be memorialized in the client’s advisory agreement.

(*based on Account value on the last business day of the quarter, paid in arrears)

Pricing Examples:

Example 1:

  • A client has assets under management of 275,000 dollars. Total Fees would be 2750 dollars (1% of AUM) annually.

Example 2:

  • A client has assets under management of 200,000 dollars. Total fees would be 2500 dollars (1.25% of AUM).

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