One Time Financial Services

These services are ideal for those who need advice for a specific topic only and are not interested in full scale financial planning or Investment management options (e.g., a Roth IRA contribution, education funding or equity compensation related question).

Risk Management

We can review your other risks, such as life / disability / long-term care coverage in an effort to help ensure you have adequate asset risk management strategies in place so the unexpected does not put your future in a jeopardy.

Qualified Retirement Plans & Retirement Planning

We can review and compare several retirement plan structures to determine which may be appropriate for you and your employees. Should you need an executive deferral plan, we can help. Our advice could even be helpful to you in managing your Individual retirement accounts (IRAs), as well as personal investments.

We can review your existing portfolio and make recommendations if there are any specific risks to your goals and objectives. For e.g if you have a very high concentration risk to any one sector/company.

The above-mentioned services are not exhaustive. Please contact us to discuss any particular question you have.

Hourly Fees

250 dollars per hour, paid monthly in arrears. (Total fees will be quoted initially).

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